Dr. Seuss's ABC: Interactive Edition - Dr. Seuss

Posted by Adele Fadel
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Dr. Seuss's ABC: Interactive Edition - Dr. Seuss

If your child is still developing the fine motor skills to flip pages and tap rather than swipe this book goes off the rails.

My daughter was scrolling wildly between the beginning and end of the book using the iBooks bottom pop up menu. She was tapping something but flipping pages by accident. Then trying to swipe back somehow managed to navigate out of the book to a different book I was reading. Many times. Regularly.

So you use guided access and that fixes it, right? No. That locks down the APP and the app is iBooks, so there’s no way to keep her from accidentally flipping over to parenting books or whatever else is in your library. Super frustrating for parent. Daughter is 2 years old btw.

On the whole I think she loved it, but I had to hover and help her get back to where she meant to be very often.

Apple needs to think about this very specific scenario and make it much better if I’m going to spend another $10 on a kids’ iBook.