Enjoy the Silence - Maggie Robbins & Duffy Robbins

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Enjoy the Silence - Maggie Robbins & Duffy Robbins

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Let’s face it—continuing to find a good source of daily devotions, let alone being focused enough for real spiritual refreshment, is almost impossible. But we all know time with God is important. The good news is, there is a way to work true connection with God into your daily life; you just need a Bible, twenty minutes a day, and a quiet place to practice lectio divina, which is rereading a passage of Scripture over and over so God can speak to you through it. And Enjoy the Silence is the perfect place to learn this amazing practice.

Have you ever picked up the Bible and thought, “I’m reading this passage, but it really doesn’t connect with me”? Or tried to start a prayer routine and gradually found yourself sleeping in or watching TV instead because talking to God felt too much like a one-way conversation every time? If so, it’s not because God doesn’t want to speak with you—it’s exactly the opposite. And one way to not only find a personal connection to the Bible but also feel God’s presence is through lectio divina. Enjoy the Silence contains simple exercises that guide you through this ancient process of reading Scripture, meditating on it, listening to what God is telling you, and then responding to the verses or passage you just read. It also contains tips for finding the best places to read and ways to continue your journey into the Bible and with God himself.

Enjoy the Silence:
contains a 30-day guided reading plan to jumpstart your deeper relationship with Godexplains the process of lectio divina and how to best integrate it into your busy lifehas the day’s Scripture and helpful prompts in one place, so you can simply pick up your device and startis perfect for teens, young adults, and anyone looking for a new devotional experience