Montessori Number Farm - Chérie Arnegård

Posted by Ila Beahan
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Montessori Number Farm - Chérie Arnegård

We are loving this brilliant interactive counting book!

Such a great concept that embraces the Montessori method of teaching and immerses young children in an aesthetically rich learning experience with it’s attractive illustrations, audio buttons and short learning videos for each number.

A useful resource for teaching young children the numbers 1 – 10 that is also easy for young children to use independently as it includes prompts that help with self-correction.

I also really appreciate the tips that are included at the back of the book for parents and caregivers, explaining the successful Montessori way of teaching children numbers and other concepts in three basic steps. There is also advice on how the book can be used together with traditional Montessori sandpaper letters which even includes a short DIY instruction on how to make your own sandpaper letters.

A very well executed book that I can warmly recommend to all parents and caregivers looking for an inspiring introduction to numbers for their children.