Sex Has a Price Tag - Pam Stenzel & Crystal Kirgiss

Posted by Emil Swift
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Sex Has a Price Tag - Pam Stenzel & Crystal Kirgiss

“If I only had known what could happen, I would have made a different choice!!!”

A decade in a crisis pregnancy center, counseling both Christian and non-Christian teens…speaking to millions of students through the years…counseling and answering the letters of thousands of teens…Pam Stenzel has heard this statement over and over and over again. From kids like you.

Sex Has a Price Tag rejoices that, indeed, sex is glorious. Sex is God-given. But sex outside of God’s boundary is behavior that has far-reaching consequences. Outside a monogamous marriage it has a price tag of incalculable costs.

Here are real testimonies, encouragement, and advice about:

abstinence vs consequences

Biblical definitions and examples

physical diseases and emotional disaster

examination of urges

taboo subjects including masturbation

advice on where to go for help

avoiding sexual activity and awkward situations

dealing with friends, parents…and your self-respect

Sex Has a Price Tag is brutally frank but totally sympathetic, written to girls and guys. Here are searing personal testimonies, medical stats, and practical solutions; encouragement in the form of Biblical examples, support and networking options, innovative alternatives to dating situations, and creating journaling. There are sources and links for seeking help. Sex Has a Price Tag is life-affirming, and is a life-saver.